viernes, 24 de junio de 2011

From Love to Death

In a very far place, in a hot summer day, two families were on the beach.
The fathers of both families, William and Peter, were good friends in other period, but now they have had an argument and they can't see each other.
William have two children, Linda and David. Linda is thirteen years old and David is two.
Peter's children are  Andrew and Clara, Andrew is the same age as Linda and Clara the same as David.
David and Clara fall in love, they grow up and they are still in love. However, their parents don't let them go out together. For this reason  Peter sends Clara to a boarding school in other country. Clara's father tells David that Clara has died. When David knows the news he wants to commit suicide.
The news arrives to Clara's ears and she does all she can to contact David...
From there a long journey with a lot of adventures starts.
From love to death is set in the Caribean island of Cuba.
It stars Penélope Cruz as Clara.and Johnny Deep plays the part of David.
It will be on cinemas next week. Don't miss it!.