martes, 8 de febrero de 2011

New York

1.What are the famous places in New York?
The most famous places in New York are the Times Square, a square with a lot of lights and the Chrisler building.

2.What are the typical dishes of New York?
I don't know, I ate a lot of fish and chips.

3.When was the first time that you visited New York?
Last year, when I was ten years.

4.What is your favourite thing of New York?
The 5th Avenue, a long street with a lot of shops.

5.Are there more black people or white people?
In Manhattan there are more white people, but in Bronx or in Brooklin there are more black people.

6.What stereotypes are there about the New Yorkers?
I think that the New Yorkers are posh.

7.Have you ever met any famous person in the street?
My dad met Leonardo Dicaprio, but I'm not sure that this is real.

8.What famous people are from New York?
A lot of people like Lady Gaga...